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And they’re up and running

I’m so pleased that, for the second year running, we have an actual election to determine who will be on the ALIA Board of Directors. I’m pleased because it was both a personal and a professional goal. I want to see elections happen because I think that a competitive process leads to better directors; as a current director of ALIA, competitive elections are one of  the performance measures of our strategic plan. So, win!

First, a big thank you to all the nominees. Regardless of who wins, these are all individuals who are willing to donate large chunks of their time to making our professional association better. There are lots of people out there who just talk about what ALIA should be doing – these are the people who are willing to try and do it and then be held accountable for it. Congratulations to Damian Lodge and John Shipp, our next two presidents – being an ALIA president is a big job, and we’re lucky to have such dedicated members.

As a current ALIA director, I have to be really careful about saying anything that could be interpreted as favouring one candidate over another – not because ALIA told me them’s the rules, but because I’ll need to work with whoever is elected. If I indicated that person x was my favourite, and they don’t get elected, that makes it harder for me to work with person y who did get elected. So, if you’re looking to me for guidance on who to vote for, please don’t.

However I will encourage you to contact the candidates directly. The ALIA member survey last  year told us that, of those who did not vote in the board election, most of them said they didn’t vote because they didn’t know anything about the candidates. Well, you do now. There’s information there and all of them can be contacted directly. I have my fingers crossed that certain people and groups might approach these candidates with questions (I’m looking at you Hugh, ALIA Sydney and NGG), but don’t just rely on them. Contact these people yourself! Give them a chance to impress you.

Finally, and this is just the first of many times you’ll hear this from me over the next few months: VOTE! (not yet – voting’s not open yet. But plan to vote, okay? Thanks.)