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Board meeting eve

Tomorrow morning I’m flying to Canberra for the last ALIA board meeting of the year. I’m doing the FIFO thing, there and back in one day, and I’m totally going to pretend that I work for a mining company and get paid buckets of money cos that’s how FIFO people live, right?

It’s not likely to be a tokenistic meeting, this one. We’ve got some big items on a long agenda. Two things of particular note are the results of the member survey and the review of ALIA’s constitution. The former is something I find really interesting – I’ve worked for two survey companies in my career, and they taught me how to ask questions and how to interpret survey data. I’ve been pouring over the results, as I assume the other directors and I know the ALIA staff have been. It’s simple to ask a question like “What would we have to do to increase membership and increase satisfaction amongst members?” It’s not simple to find an answer. I’m aware of the weaknesses of surveys – in this case, this was a member survey, which means we might get a lot of information about member satisfaction and about reasons for membership, but we probably won’t get a lot of information about why people aren’t members. That doesn’t mean we can’t use the data to start that discussion.

The constitution review is, to be honest, starting to turn my brain to mush. I’ve poured over so many iterations of this document that I’m starting to lose sight of it. We’ve had some fantastic debates, we’re proposed radical changes and then argued ourselves out of them. By the time the membership gets to see this document they’ll probably wonder what I was carping on about for so long, but the version we put to members won’t show the full history of the discussions we’ve been having. Trust me when I say that it’s been an interesting experience! I really hope we can make the deadlines we have to make to get this to the membership for voting next year, as I would love to be part of the board that helped make this happen. It would make me proud, even if the changes do end up seeming small.

The other fun thing on the agenda for this meeting is ALIA’s budget for 2014, where we get to have our say in how we spend ALIA’s money. This is a good discussion to have after receiving the results of the member survey, as we now have a better idea of our members’ priorities for ALIA.

Remember that nominations are currently open for the next board elections. If you’d like to know anything more about what being on the board involves I’m very happy to chat about it – please do consider nominating.