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I’d like to thank the academy

I’ve been elected to the ALIA Board! Which I’m probably excited about beyond all reason, given the lack of actual glamour involved in the role, but apathy is not my natural state. So I’ll say this – I’m excited, and happy, and optimistic.

Thank you to everyone who voted, even if you didn’t vote for me. There aren’t any voting stats available yet, but if they are released I plan on mining them for what they can tell me about the engagement level of ALIA members in their election. The Board of Directors represents members, so I hope those that didn’t vote are happy with the choice that the rest of us made on their behalf.

Of course an extra thank you goes to those people who voted for me – I hope to repay your faith in me. I’d like to highlight the contribution to the campaign made by everyone who tweeted, retweeted, liked, commented and blogged – especially the efforts of Hugh Rundle and the ALIA Sydney group. Thank you for making an effort, and for getting us talking. As far as I’m aware this is the first ALIA election campaign that really involved social media, which might say more about the history of ALIA elections (or lack thereof).

ALIA Sydney asked me what I wanted to achieve if I’m elected to the Board. This is what I said:

I’d like to ensure that ALIA continues to maintain financial sustainability – without this we have nothing. I’d like to see a reduction in members failing to renew their membership. I’d like to see professional development events in every capital city, and I’d like to see rural and regional members participating in online events. Finally, I’d like to use this blog to continue writing about the Board, so that members get a sense of what being on the Board involves, and are attracted to it, so that next year we have an equally strong interest in nominating.

Please hold me accountable. If you want me or the Board to hear something, speak up. I’ll share everything I can (within confidentiality guidelines, of course) and I’ll tell you about the experience of being on the Board in the hopes of inspiring some of you to nominate next year.

My point, and I do have one, is thank you.