…and we’re up and running!

By now you should have received an email from the Australian Electoral Company with details on how to vote online for the ALIA Board of Directors – voting is open now, but it is open for a good month. I’d say “no rush” but if you’re anything like me you’ll forget about it for several weeks, and then suddenly it’s over, and you’re all “damn, I really wanted to go to that exhibition, that was silly of me”. Ahem. So my point is, vote, and vote now.

I’ve gathered some possibly useful information for my readers. The first is that you’ll only be sent an email by the Australian Electoral Company if ALIA has an email address on file for you – i.e. if you generally get the ALIA Weekly emails. If you don’t get them, they probably don’t have your email address, so you’ll get a postal ballot sent to you. If you get them but have ignored them so many times that they get sent to the spam folder, check there for your voting email.

If you don’t get an email and it’s not in your spam folder, look out for a postal ballot. If you haven’t received a postal ballot by the end of the week (say by Friday 8th March) you can call the Australian Electoral Company on 1800 224 420 or email them on help@austelect.com.

The second thing you need to know is how to make your vote valid. I’m gonna get really annoyed if I hear that there were lots of invalid votes cast – it’s not that hard and we’re all smart people, so pay attention, ‘mkay? To vote for a candidate for Director, you must number at least two of the six boxes. You can number 4, or 6, but if you just number 1 and leave it at that, the vote will be wasted.

If you don’t feel that I deserve your first vote, please consider giving me your second.

To vote for a candidate for Vice President (President-Elect) you must number both boxes. There are only two.

If you have any other questions,  you can call the Australian Electoral Company on the number above; ALIA on 1800 020 071, or you can send me a message on Twitter or via this blog and I’ll try and find the answer for you.

Happy voting!


4 responses to “…and we’re up and running!”

  1. ADHD Librarian says :

    Thanks for this one Alison,
    It made me wonder why I hadn’t got my email (being as so many of my emails are ALIA related, sad I know).
    Long story short?

    Check your SPAM folder folks. Gmail thought it was SPAMworthy.

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