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Hello and welcome

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!

As outlined on the About me page, I set this blog up partly to aid in my campaign for a position on the ALIA Board of Directors. To be honest, I’m not really sure how best to campaign for something that hasn’t even gone to election for a few years, and traditionally doesn’t involve very active campaigning. I’m hoping this will give me an opportunity to answer questions and tell you a bit more about myself. If all goes to plan I’ll be able to talk about what being on the Board is like and encourage other ALIA members to nominate for the Board next year. If I’m really lucky I might even be able to talk someone into joining ALIA.

Since the candidates were announced I’ve already had people sending me questions via Twitter and email. They’re good, meaty questions that really need more than 140 characters to answer, and more than five minutes to ponder. I promise I’ll get to each and every one, and if someone asks me a question I’ll let you know once I’ve got an answer up here.

In the meantime you can follow the blog or follow me on Twitter. Don’t be shy with questions – I’ll answer anything I can, and I’ll let you know if I can’t answer.

If you’re an ALIA member, keep an eye out for your ballot paper in March. And vote! (I’ll remind you closer to the date, probably ad nauseum.)